January 01, 2020 - By Dean Horowitz

We were born into a beautiful and complex environment. Complex beyond our ability to comprehend. We settle for slivers, factoids, quotes that provide some direction and potential measurements for positive achievement. Over time we have come to terms with the fact our responsibilities are vast and, many times, overwhelming. What do we do? There is a focus on curbing carbon emissions as well as technologies that remove carbon from our atmosphere. As an architect, a property owner, or developer, many of your choices have global significance. What once was a fascination with the “butterfly effect” – wind and weather changes caused by a butterfly’s wings – now is a self-awareness that our thoughts, vision, creations, interactions, all contribute to the breath of this world. We are humbled by this world and the recognition that “every action has a reaction.” commARCH continues in its goal to create a meaningful experience across platforms. This publication is designed to be kept, not discarded. We favor high-quality photographs. It’s printed on high-grade paper to give it weight and staying power. Things are only sustainable if they aren’t thrown away. The magazine’s relationship to the videos associated with key projects and interviews, the warehouse of content website, events, building tours, research, contests, and consulting assignments are all focused on using today’s platforms in the most meaningful and useful manner. While still early in its “reborn” state, commARCH desires to be more than its individual parts. To inspire, challenge, touch on aspirations greater than any team could imagine achieving. Stretching towards goals, that even if we fall short, are still positively impactful.

Evolving Operational Structure with Fortress Building Products' Toby Bostwick

As building product manufacturers have evolved so must their organizational structures. Fortress went from five separate business units that operated ...

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This commARCH White Paper focuses on how Wood shows psychological and physiological benefits, according to research.