May 01, 2020 - By Dean Horowitz

It’s commARCH’s fifth “so reborn. Moving Forward” issue and our obsession with being the media brand for architects and owners/developers is paying off. Subscribers have almost doubled in this period of time. As that grows, so will our multimedia platforms. Content delivered in the format you (the audience) most desire. Early on, we learned you didn’t have an allegiance to any media brand. You desired one that related to your sensibilities. So, we created the “renegade” brand commARCH to represent your values and curiosity. And our own. As Jay-Z and Eminem rap: “Renegade! Never been afraid to say What’s on my mind at, any given time of day ‘Cause I’m a renegade! Never been afraid to talk About anything (anything?) anything (anything!) renegade! Never been afraid to say What’s on my mind at, any given time of day ‘Cause I’m a renegade! Never been afraid to holler About anything (anything?) anything (anything!)” That’s right, as many subscribers have pointed out, commARCH”s cover lines are the names of our favorite hip hop songs and influences. Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Eminem, etc. This one is no different. So, what’s the connection with this issue’s cover image? When Austrian physician and botanist Friedrich Welwitch first saw the most “renegade” plant on earth, he “could do nothing but kneel down and gaze at it, half in fear lest a touch should prove it a figment of the imagination.” It has since been called the “Welwitcha mirabilis,” ”onion of the desert,” and “tree tumbo.” It is a paradox. While labeled a tropical plant, it has survived generations in the most extreme conditions. It feels and consumes dew and fog moisture through as many as 22,000 pores, while other desert plants have a few. It is open, curious, and has survived since the Jurassic period. It does not fully resemble any other plant on earth, yet antelopes, rhinos, humans and others look to it to survive in the harshest conditions. As you read through this issue, you will discover renegade products, projects and minds. Who would possibly start a $212 million new sports complex during a pandemic? Walk into a room filled with people who don’t look like you, and then dominate it? Deliver innovative building materials during the worst economic draught? Only if you have “never been afraid to say; what’s on my mind at, any given time of day,” will true excellence be achieved during the most unimaginable times. It is the honest coming together of architects and owners/developers that delivers an outcome that will last like the Welwitcha mirabilis. Open, curious, porous, and forever relevant. “Renegade.”

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